Trump H1b visa
Trump H1B Visa: Analysis with Powerful Insights

Trump H1B Visa requirements has become dynamic with surprising policies. Primarily, the benchmarks are revolving around Educational qualifications, Professional Qualifications and Income criteria. As the majority of the H1 Applications are from indian aspirants, the count is predominantly from the IT sector.

We have extracted some powerful insights with the entire data of the H1 B applicants in the pipeline. The find is not just informatory but also an eye opener with some astonishing insights. Enjoy the below insights for you to play around for a better understanding on the ongoing chaos.

Silicon valley that is believed to be built by highly skilled immigrants, expresses a muted reaction on the new H1B Policies. The trump’s policy has clearly mentioned that the Coders and programmers are not eligible for H1 B visa. Though it’s a big blow for the global IT development, trump supporters are happy with the opportunities paying good for highly skilled professionals. To begin with,

Average Wages of the H1 B applicants according to Titles/Positions

Count of the Applications based on the Approvals/Denials

Relation between Categories and the Corporates/Employers


Count of the Applicants Vs the Industries


Employers compliant with Trump’s H1 Visa criteria (Minimum wage of $130K)


Employers non-compliant with Trump H1 Visa criteria (Minimum wage of $130K)

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