Things to realize in regards to the Future IT Jobs

Future IT Jobs are either scarce or just a myth for most of them. Reality is that the supply is more than the demand, which in turn is disrupting many economies and livelihoods. The times are tough for IT servicing industry to breathe, but not really a choke. Jobs are certainly hic’ing up in the space of building the future industries. If AI is the future, so be it.

IOT and related developments have more opportunities in the IT Design front as we are still in the construction mode. IOT needs AI to deliver smooth and fast consumer experiences. Though the shift opened with relatively small number of jobs, the growth is promising for promising individuals.

Shifting Trends

As mentioned earlier, the world has entered into a new era of construction, where most of the IT jobs are getting categorized as IT Design, IT Art and IT Digital at a reasonable pace. Over the years we have seen softwares interacting with the humans majorly, but the future is bagging the deadly combination of Hardware/Machines and softwares.

” This is more of a shift but not a disruption ”

Hungry world is looking out for more new experiences that are yet to be built or designed. On the contrary, creation of experiences is totally a fallacy as it’s the actions of the consumers that inspires the new experiences. If we take a close look at our past, the trend was always a shift.

IT Jobs are already seen shifting towards the Design front more aggressively. To mention a couple, we have demand for UI/UX or Data Visualization at a considerable amount. Presenting the stories and experiences in the best possible visuals is very essential.

As the existence and the size of the IT Industry has been prolific and gigantic respectively, the sudden decrease in the demand is getting magnified.

Future IT Jobs


Politically Incorrect present

To remind, Bloggers and other data companies played a major role in these fast advancements in the IT automation. Check How much data is uploaded on Internet in a day. The future challenges will make circles around the capture of the future behaviors ?

“Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of production and trade…”

― Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

Though the new trading policies are in accord with the ongoing chaos in regards to IT outsourcing, we should also realize that there are many other factors. Intention is not to complain here, absolutely not, we love the challenges on our way towards the goals. Ain’t that sound like us ?

With the IOT advancements, automation has begun it’s journey with considerable amount of impact on the mankind. The impacts are not just related to the finances but also has a major influence on the Health, Lifestyle and Living aspects.

The future of IT Jobs

Though the future IT jobs are not related directly to IT as in IT, but they are tech demanding. If we take a step back to visit our past, computer was purely meant for computing and then for communication and then experiences. Now we are indulging into the tech space, and are getting absorbed. The world of indulging experiences will also contain designs, structures, algorithms, patterns just like before. Complication is that the combinations are slightly confusing.

More than the number of technologies, it’s the crafts or the combination of them that counts in the future. Soon the resumes will be looking more like Leonardo Da vinci’s handwritten resume.

Future IT Jobs resume