AI Needs Data, Lets Gather Smart !

Everything in the universe, explored so far, has a close association with numbers and symbols. Interestingly, the thoughts that we have well,less or poorly thought of, are the Sources to design the future patterns. Sources translating as implementation, information, behaviors and innovation is the future. The mentioned 4 sources is again backed up with monstrous amount of data, and the world is heading towards building a huge digital experience with the extensive data capture. To sound a little dramatic, Maintaining and Handling the data is the New Real Estate.



The need of the hour is to store and secure the data for industries, markets and businesses. If content is the Kings, Data is the God. The main purpose of this blog is to express our vision towards the future for collective hand holdings. FIO Labs has a dedicated R&D team, a group of young passionate post millennials.

With the awareness on the future consequences, our processes needs to get smarter and sync with the evolution. The journey along the transition is again an experiential change for the ongoing mankind. I am obliged to say human kind, as a new set of race will grow as families, The Robot Race.

The connections here are indeed thought provoking and interesting, but let’s take a little curve to understand how and why data is so precious right at this moment.

New age Learning

The new age learning is interestingly a phase, the kids of the robot race are teaching the kids of the current human race. The robot race has a reverse reproduction cycle, where the kids always arrive first to shape an entry to their parents and patents. The current human kids are self trained with the gadgets, computers and other wearables with great user experiences. Our next generation might potentially will have a majority of team jobs in teaching the machines. As the machines are replacing the human intervention by automating the processes, the robots are the future for majority of the future employment via Machine Learning.

Data being collected, analyzed and acted upon now, is mostly around the behavior of current consumers with limited consideration towards the future customers and sustenance. We believe that we can safe house the data & derive inspiring insights with our predictive models. With this we can benefit by driving the consumer behavior but not driven, mobilizing us towards an era of rational exuberance.